Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sudoku Madness

My wife has the 'madness'. She loves sudoku puzzles.

It started innocently enough this summer when I was doing a puzzle. She asked me to show her how it worked. We solved one together. She never looked back.

She has now completed approximately 283,000 puzzles (rounded to the nearest 1000). And one of her favorite gifts under the tree yesterday was probably the least expensive. A gift bag filled with books of sudoku puzzles, pre-sharpened pencils, and cap erasers. Pre-sharpened pencils allow the puzzle fanatic to immediately begin solving without that pesky pencil sharpening chore. She liked that. And the pointy corner of cap erasers apparently make it much easier to erase the various little potential numbers in a square. Gotta have that.

And it wasn't long after the shredded gift wrap was whisked away that she was happily sudokuing. (I think I just created a verb! Webster, where are you??)

I couldn't let her top the 300,00 mark without a bit of a challenge, though. No 'easy' books for her. And one 'fiendish' level...just to test her advanced sudoku skills.

Merry Christmas, honey!


Dirk_Star said...

I believe sudoku translates as "Game Of the devil".

Crack cocaine is not as addictive...

I implore you sir, get your wife the help she needs before it is too late!

Take away the pencils.

Throw the books away.

If you need help in preparing an intervention don't hesitate to call.

Thomas Vickers said...

I feel your pain.
I also provide my wife and sister in law with puzzle books at Christmas time. I don't think they have eaten in days.

Baron Ectar said...

I have tried and tried to get into this - I cant do it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Happy New Year

Mommy off the Record said...

I've never done any sudoku puzzles so not sure what they are, but I've been looking for a new addiction so I'll have to check it out.

Merry Christmas to you and your family! (belated)

Teena said...

I've tried this but don't have the patience so gave up quite quickly. Ha!

armando said...

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