Saturday, December 02, 2006

The 360 Degree Procedure

It seems the German scientists are on the ball with this one - a condom that fits every man. How so, you ask? What a great question. And the answer...........

(drum roll, please)

It is a SPRAY ON CONDOM. I kid you not. I can't make this stuff up. Go here and see (well, read) for yourself!

Bottom line, the gentleman would insert his penis into the spray can, push the nozzle, and be coated with a with a rubber condom with a procedure described as "once around and from top to bottom a bit like a car wash"

Will it replace the need for an old-fashioned condom? Or just replace the need for a partner?!?


Prego said...

I can see the disastrous results. Leave it to the Germans.


here via michele today

Chucky said...

But can you fold that can up and put it in your wallet? That's the real question.

kenju said...

I laughed at Chucky's comment!! I cannot see how that will ever be universally used - but then I'm not a man.....LOL

Michele sent me.

Shane said...

an interesting twist to silly string

rashbre said...

There's a fuller explanation, with diagrams, here.

Is that a spray can in your pocket?(etc.)


Winston said...

Wonder if it comes in colors and flavors?

Chelle said... THAT is just plain

Chucky said...

"Is that a condom in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Ok that's all from me on this :)

Jazz said...

ok, that is just bizarre... I'm thinking you have to have the penis at attention to, um... put on the condom. Seems like it would be a rather big can to have to haul around to the bar in case you get lucky.

Two Sirius said...

I'm thinking that watching the guy I'm about to sleep with insert himself into a spray can would be a bit of a mood killer. But that's just me.