Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Race Is Over

It was a nail-biter from beginning to end! Christmas Prep bolted from the gates for an early lead. That quick start helped Christmas Prep hold the lead going into the first turn. But Father Time, a veteran of the race, never lost focus. Moving onto the backstretch, Christmas Prep stumbled. Father Time, in a relentless and steady pace, caught up and pulled ahead. Finishing the backstretch and moving into the final turn, Father Time pulled farther ahead and seemed to take control of the race. Moving into the home stretch, Father Time never faltered. But the race wasn't over. In a renewed burst of energy and speed, Christmas Prep made a move on the outside and started to close the gap. And with the finish line within reach, Christmas Prep pulled even with Father Time! In a photo finish, it was Christmas Prep by a nose!!!

We made it. Hope you did too! Merry Christmas to all who visit!!!


Winston said...

I think we won also, but will not know for sure for couple of days. Just glad to get it to our aft.

Happy Holidays!

Dirk_Star said...

Merry Christmas!

We beat Father Time by a mile!

It was a warm and wonderful Christmas here.

Next year, my son will be here and I can hardly wait...


I got a digital camera! Sweet!!

May said...

I hope that Christmas was something more than a race. Anyway, thanks for the wishes, I stopped by and got them (although today is the 29th Dec.)