Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Today is a big day in our house! Today is my wife's birthday. And before you even think about a number, you can be sure I'm not going to reveal her age. I have learned a few things in all our years of marriage! LOL (Don't even try counting the is not the right number!)

It was a very relaxing day...she got to sleep in...she got to spend an afternoon watching DVD's and opening gifts...and the family went out to dinner.

And what big, romantic gift did I give her? Nothing. At least nothing romantic. No jewelry. No flowers. was way better than that. It was better because I gave her something she truly loves. Something she really wanted. Something that will entertain her and make her happy for hours and hours. And hours!

So what was this magical gift?

The X-Files.

Not just one season. Not just the movie. Everything! All nine seasons, the movie, the movie poster, the episode guide...everything.

She'll be watching DVD's for a long time...and loving every minute of it.

Happy Birthday!

Friday, January 25, 2008

You came looking for me...

I know...I've been away. Haven't posted since New Year's Day. But here is just how awesome you guys have been...

tulipmom stopped by "just checking in"

whimsical, who never fails to check on me with a comment and/or an e-mail, stopped to ask "is everything ok?"

CS left a message hoping that my cold was not still hanging on and keeping me down

Mama P was about sex so we'll leave it at that

And then Gretchen said... "you never don't call...what's up?"

You got me Gretchen. I've not called. Or written. So I would do that right now...except...I don't know your phone number nor your address. So let's pretend...

Your phone is run to pick it up (thinking it is probably a poll for Clinton or Obama and why can't they just leave you alone!?!?)...and it is me! "Hey friend, how ya doing?!?!" Then we talk...we share funny stories...we compare what we got for Christmas...and life is good again. :)

For all the rest of you that have commented or e-mailed but that I didn't pretend-call, I have been away. Not for any dramatic reason. Work has just been crazy busy. Home life has been busy. And it takes a lot more time than you would think to figure out how to hide a receding hairline.

Does that mean I'm back now? Yeah, I think so. Things seem to be slowing down a bit. Everyone had the cold. Everyone is over the cold. And I haven't had to spend too much time shoveling snow lately. And my Patriots only have one more game to play. So I think I may actually find time for the fun things I enjoy again. And writing would definitely be one of those things.

And just as much fun will be visiting your blogs! It has been so long it may take me all weekend to get around to everyone and catch up on what's been going on. But I'll get there. And it will be good to see each of you again.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Did you? Do you?

Did you party and drink and eat and then set resolutions not to party and drink and eat so much? Or are you a stay-at-home, avoid the crowds, sit by the fire and watch TV kind of New Year's person?

We are the home type. The crowds hold no lure for us. We had wonderful snacks, hung out with the kids, watched some DVD's, and celebrated the new year in a quiet way. And it was nice.

And now it is New Year's Day. The snow is falling. And we are snuggled in by the fire for our last day off before returning to school and work. And it would be a perfect day....except...

I have the cold. No sore throat. No fever. But enough congestion to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Not to put too fine a point on it, but my head is filled with snot...and the extra is leaking out. And this is actually Day 5 of the everyone is tired of hearing me snort and blow and sniff.

I tried taking the pills. Twelve hour relief with just one capsule. Bah. I might as well have been eating Tic Tacs. All that happens is that I have to suffer for twelve hours before trying something else.

I could do that liquid stuff. But I've never felt like that helped either. Sure, it makes me sleepy and I can take a long nap. But that isn't curing anything...just letting me sleep through the cold and wake up when it is over. And if that is all it does, why bother to buy it? I can achieve the same thing with liquor.

But for congestion...sniffles....stuffy noses...there is a remedy that I love. It works quickly...and reliably. When all else fails, I reach for the nose spray. A couple of squirts right up the nostrils and I'm breathing like a normal human again!

Now I know that isn't curing anything. I'm just getting rid of a symptom. But since that is the only symptom I feels like I'm cured. Until the twelve hours is almost over...and all the snot that has been held back comes rushing out. And I go running for my spray again. The vicious Snot Cycle.

But maybe the cold will be gone soon? Positive thinking, right?!?!

Well, if you've read through my ramblings about my cold (or if you just scrolled to the bottom hoping for something more interesting to read)...

Happy New Year to you!!!