Friday, March 02, 2007

Reflections & Updates

What a hectic week! I haven't been able to write and I've not gotten around to reading the other folks in my neighborhood. And I realize that I miss it! Just writing about the little things in my life, sharing it, getting is fun and it meets some need that I didn't realize I had. And I really miss going and reading my blog friends. A few days away and I feel like I don't know what is going on. Have I missed a big event? A great story? Some nice photos?

This can be addictive. But I'm learning it can also be a very nice thing.

So updates on a couple of serious notes...

My friend underwent a ton of tests and went home from the hospital yesterday. He will return to work on Monday. A particular type of irregular heart beat was diagnosed and can apparently be well managed with medication. So that is great news for him.

And my mother-in-law has taken a longer time than expected to recover from her second round of chemo, but now feels strong, is eating well, and is getting great reports from her blood work. So good news for her, as well.

And I've gotten so many supportive comments many folks who said funny things and made me many encouraging words and private e-mails. Thank you so much! What a great neighborhood my corner is in!!


Bardouble29 said...

Em - I am SO happy to hear that your friend is ok. What a very scary thing!

Jazz said...

Glad you miss us... ;-)

Carmi said...

Wht are the good ones always tested so much more rigorously than everyone else?

A colleague of mine suffered a serious fire in his home last night. The house is uninhabitable for at least 4 months. Their cat suffered severe CO poisoning and is in intensive care at the vet.

They're the nicest couple you could ever meet. They do anything for anyone. And this them.

Sometimes, I don't get it. I wish adversity would visit those who seem to really deserve it.

I know, that makes me nasty. Sorry.

velvet girl said...

I've been away from blogging more and more these days and it's amazing how much I've missed out on everyone else's blogs.

I'm glad that your friend is okay and that your MIL is doing well. :)