Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You've Got Mail!

It was bound to happen. My invitation to join the AARP arrived in the mail today. Ouch! The big birthday is still a few days away. Do we have to rush things?!?! Besides, while some people calculate and know just how long before they can ditch their job and golf all day, I actually love my job. And I don't golf. And I'm in no hurry to retire!

Okay, I know the AARP isn't just for retired folks. And I mean no disrespect to the organization. I'm sure they do good things for seniors. (Ooo, that's another 'ouch'. Do I have to call myself a 'senior'???) But I can't overlook the humor in the large (obviously) button on their home page to make the text larger. And, as someone who still feels young, I cringe when the top link on their Fun & Games page is Tell Us About Your Grandparenting Activities. Dear god, please let 'grandparenting' be years away!!!


sage said...

gee--since I only have a few months before the big birthday, does that mean I too will be getting an AARP mailing?

Em said...

Sage, the AARP seems to have a pretty thorough database of old folks - and the nearly-old. Stand by your mailbox. Of if your joints are aching, take a stool and sit by your mailbox. Your invitation will be arriving soon!