Sunday, October 15, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

Okay, confession time. I love to watch pro football. I'm not a sports nut. I don't watch much baseball - only the occasional Red Sox game. Basketball interests me even less. And tennis lost my interest with the retirements of McEnroe and Connors and Bjorg. And I hardly even think of golf or bowling as sports! And that is just the pro level. College sports interests me even less.

But pro football is wonderful. I don't care about the 'controlled violence' aspects. I don't need to glamorize it in any way. I just think these are good athletes in a team sport that requires a nice bit of strategy to be consistently successful. Just enough brawn mixed with just enough brain.

And today was a good day. My favorite team - the Patriots - had a bye this week. But it was good for the other 'local' teams. Jets and Giants both won. Washington and Philadelphia both lost - ultimately a good thing for the Giants in terms of standings. And a couple of games came down to last minute drives and even final plays (some with success and some not).

While the 'meat' of my afternoon was really all about doing some laundry and helping the kids a bit with some homework, the games in the background provide a very pleasant bit of entertainment on a fall afternoon.

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