Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spit or Sex?

I was reading the new issue of Mother Jones which arrived today...and I just had to comment on this!

Free Teens USA is an organization that calls itself a 'reality-based, abstinence-centered' program for teaching teens about sex. And one of their recommended activities when working with students is to have them spit into a cup, trade cups with another student, and then drink. Students are then told that sex is more intimate than drinking someone else's spit.

Okay. Maybe. Maybe it is more intimate. But if you're doing it right, it is also quite a bit better!


Maria said...

Wow, I have found another reader of Mother Jones. This is great. The silliness of spit or sex is laughable. No wonder kids turn adults off. When I think of all those wonderful excitint sexual moments of my life, I simply have to shake my head in amazement at anyone who would compare those beautiful times with exchanging spit.
Michele sent me

Winston said...

Yuuuccch! I am not easily grossed out, but that did it...

I see Maria was here. She and I have been visiting back fand forth for quite a while. I too really like MoJo.

Jazz said...

Funny, I've found that kissing can be WAY more intimate than sex. But I'm strange like that.