Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome Back!

I've got a monkey on my back. And it isn't blogging.

Oh sure, blogging takes up a lot of time. Reading. Writing. Commenting. All good. But that is not my weakness. I've got a much bigger vice.

I spend hours every week with this habit when I could be doing more productive things. Or blogging more. And I've tried to wean myself away at least a bit. But I keep coming back. And now it's just going to get worse.

What's my problem? Television. The boob tube. That little box in the corner that brings moving pictures and sound right into my family room.

How bad is it? So bad that I've created charts to keep track of the shows I want to watch and the others I have to tape for later viewing. And yes, I've heard all about that TiVo thing. The 'bling' of television viewing. But I'm not there yet. I've got my trusty VCR. Well, two of them. See, it really does get bad.

I love CSI (the real one). I love Boston Legal. Criminal Minds sucks me right in. NCIS, oh yes. And now so many other good ones are coming back!

LOST returns. Gilligan's Island on steroids. Mystery and mayhem. Jack and Sawyer and Hurley and all the gang. LOST on the island with only a camera crew to record their every move for our pleasure. I hated the long hiatus. But now they are giving me a whole bunch of new episodes in a row, so that's a good thing.

This ain't your father's race, baby...this is ALL STARS! Racers who have been there. Racers who won't be surprised to find out they have to do something involving heights. I'm disappointed that Rob and Amber are back. Their fifteen minutes were over about twenty minutes ago! I would much rather see the Hippies return. But they didn't let me choose. They only let me watch. Every exciting moment of the race. And what more could I ask for?!?

Talk about having a bad day! The folks in Jericho are having one really bad day after another. But since I can watch from the comfort of my corner on the couch, I'm just fine with that. End of the world scenarios have always been a secret pleasure for me. The Stand by Stephen King. Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. The Day After, a made-for-TV movie from way back in 1983. The acting in this show isn't outstanding, but it taps into a theme I like and I'll be right here watching.

An old friend. Yeah, it is a bit repetitive now. I guess it gets hard to surprise us with some new obstacle course in the jungle. And yet the most recent Survivor did seem to step it up a bit with some pretty cool challenges. And this time they're splitting the tribes between luxury living and dreadful living. But really, hasn't it always been dreadful? Oh well, it is still fun to watch people make deals and believe promises even after all these seasons. I mean, just how hungry and weak do you have to be to really believe what someone on that island tells you?!?!

All this begins this month! And I suppose I could try to scale back, watch in moderation, have a life. But maybe it's just better to admit my weakness...and embrace it!


bardouble29 said...

I love CSI...and all of the criminal shows too!

Baron Ectar said...

CSI yes the real one with Willows in it! Yeppie - I watch Jericho to and now my sister and I am not ashamed to admit this has me hooked on the L Word. Its addicting as all get out!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I love CSI, Lost, and Jericho too. I'm with you on that whole liking the end of the world plots as well.

Melody said...

Oh yes, we got Desperate Housewives back this week and Lost starts next week. Also the return of Prison Break On the Run. Never got into Jericho but I soooo love The Amazing Race! We are a few seasons behind in that one though... And hey, I loved Amber and Boston Rob!! Hehe... My favourite tv show at the moment though is the brillilant BBC drama, Bodies. Love it, love it, love it!

Teena said...

I watch very little TV these days ... I just don't have time.

But I DO make time for "Amazing Race" and "Survivor"!

Dorky Dad said...

I watch two shows: 24 and Heroes. I feel that's about all I have time for. But Lost is starting again, and I feel I should watch that. But I don't want to watch that. UUUUGGGH!

Star said...

You do have i bad. I used to limit what shows I got into because I could only stay up late so many nights a week and still function . Then we got TIVO. ca I just tell you that I love Tivo. I watch everything! WEll, not everything. but I never miss an episode of Lost, or the Amazing Race!

Jazz said...

Oy. Lost, Survivor and Amazing Race. All back. I'm doomed.

T. said...

I like CSI NewYork. The rest I could do with out. Especially Miami. Shudder.

Criminal Minds is the other show I get sucked into.

As for the rest, well, Em, I've got three channels, most of which are fuzzy with static. My viewing pleasures are few and far between.

And yes, I have heard of satellite. But I ain't there yet. LOL!

Marie said...

Get yourself set up with a laptop and a wireless network -- then you can blog from the couch! It's lovely.

I don't have many shows that I follow regularly, but now that American Idol has started, I'll probably be sucked in after the auditions are over. I love The Office too!

I've still never watched Lost or Survivor. Unamerican, I know!

Em said...

Looks like quite a variety of shows we watch! And yes, Marie, we invested in the wireless and I have a laptop that work provides. In fact, that is where the name of the blog...Notes From My Corner...came from. I get in my little corner on the end of the couch with my laptop and the remote control and I'm all set for the evening! :)

CSL said...

I haven't seen any of those! I watch little TV, although it is sometimes on in the background because my sons have some favorite shows (Mythbusters - lots of fun. But I had to get a TV for the new house and I bought a bigger LCD screen. For the kids, of course! I'm a little worried I might find it too appealing.

Carmi said...

I feel your pain. I've pretty much given up trying to keep up with any episodic television. I figure I'll rent the DVDs when they come out one of these years.

For now, I content myself with the occasional BitTorrent download. It's a great way to bring along a quick TV fix or two on a long business trip.

Next step: quitting cable.

Sheila said...

I just love your choice of words "CSI (the real one)" that's what I call it too! hehe I love watching Smallville (as I am the Superman nut), and BONES. I recently started watching HOUSE. I love the main character. He is everything you wouldn't expect of a doctor. I love it! Law and Order SUV is good too... I don't watch the other ones.

Jocelyn said...

Yea, you don't seem too contrite about this addiction, so I don't think you're really ready to shed it yet. Maybe you could just combine blog commenting with Survivor watching?

Mom of Three said...

You know, sometimes, due to finances, the cable has to go off. And I literally get cranky and pissy the first day or so. But after that, it's so find other stuff to do! I have to be persuaded actually to turn it back on.

The only reason I can even justify it is because I blog with it on and I also cross stitch or clean. Or I watch it while I work out.

Nauma said...
My last 3 days.
I am very boring. I need to leave this routine!!!

Thomas said...

This has to stop.
You keep beating to me the punch on blog entry ideas.

Boston Legal
Battlestar Galactica
Law and Order: SVU

These are my monkies.


Steven Novak said...

It's not bad enought hat you're addicted to television, but thta you're addicted to bad television. ;)


Em said...

Bigger screen...just for the kids. Yeah...that's it. LOL

Thomas, sorry to steal your ideas, my friend. Maybe we should coordinate...sort of like making sure we don't wear the same outfit. :)

Steven, I can't defend my tastes. I like junk food, trashy novels, and mainstream TV. I used to watch NPR...but...well....

Jocelyn, you are correct. I embrace my monkey. (Gee, that sounded dirty!)

Rebecca said...

You sound VERY busy...haha. My one and only absolutely MUST see is "House". Love it, love it, love it!

Winston said...

Woah! You really need to seek medical advice on this. Now that football season is over, I will probably watch no more than an hour or two of TV a week, and that is primarily to appease Roomie's need for us to "do something together". When I am in BlogCentral, I frequently have CNN on in the background, turned low or muted with the captions scrolling. There's more left to do before I check off the planet than I will ever get done. Nobody ever died wishing they had watched more TV...

velvet girl said...

Lost is literally the only show that we watch. As a matter of fact, Wednesday is the only night that we turn the tv on and only for that hour.

We don't have cable.

Our vcr doesn't even record.

We're freaks. ;)