Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our National Holiday

So just a few minutes ago, this was the clock at But Super Sunday doesn't really begin at kickoff. It is already underway! Face The Nation is interviewing the commissioner of the NFL. Dan Marino and Phil Simms will be interviewed later. And we've had various specials and Sports Centers and other related programs for the past two weeks. Yep, while the game only lasts 60 minutes, the pregame-show-that-never-ends began the moment the conference championships ended two weeks ago.

And if you've paid attention, you would think that the two teams - the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears - aren't really gonna play. It seems like it all boils down to four men....two storylines.

Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith - the first two black coaches to go to the Super Bowl. It is a great thing for this to happen. It is also sad that it has taken this long. And it is sad that we live in a society where race is still an issue. I wish these two men could prepare their teams and just be evaluated based on their skills as coaches. But everyone talks about their color. I'm glad these two are getting recognition. And I'll be glad when coaches of all colors can go to the Super Bowl and we'll no longer have to admit this is a 'first'.

Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman - the two quarterbacks. One who holds almost every record in the NFL and one who is considered the weakest link. And unless you really have not paid attention, I don't have to tell you which is which. The "6'5", 235 pound quarterback with the laser rocket arm" would be Manning. Son of Archie. Brother of Eli. Holder of a bazillion records with a tendency to fall apart in the big games. And "Sexy Rexy" with the big eyes that always look like a deer in the headlights....well, he can be good. He can also play like my grandmother on one of her bad days. And the analysts pretty much break it down to how these two play. The other players....oh sure, they are important. But the spotlight is on Rex and Peyton.

My thoughts...

1) I'm a Patriots fan so I'm not sure which way to lean on this one. I suppose Peyton has paid his dues and it is his time. But the Colts are the 'enemy'. Hard to root for them!

2) Who chooses this halftime stuff? I know it has to be 'big' and it is shown around the world. But last year we watched really old Stones. They were great in their day...but the flabby arms were disappointing. And Prince? I didn't like him when he was popular. Now he seems to be a 'has-been'. Is it just not possible to get a performer who is current and popular and can buy wardrobes that don't malfunction?

3) Are there more nachos????


Rene said...

I'm with you on your three points. I'm a Niner's fan (I know, pity me). I don't get the Prince thing myself. And yes, there will be nachos!

Kati said...

LOL Gotta say, I'm NOT bummed to be working while all this is going on. I've never been a football fan, and I really don't care for the super bowl. The commercials are frequently (though not always) the highlights that I wish to see. ;)

Have fun!!! (Oh, and for the record, DH & FIL are rooting for the Colts.)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Good point(s)!


T. said...

I'm all about SEXY REXY. Go BEARS!!!

Not that I really care, seeing as how I'm a Canuck and I am a full-blooded, season ticket holding die hard fan of the CFL.

But I can get behind a good football game no matter who's playing. Even if it's a bunch of Yanks.

But when Prince is on, I'm pressing the mute button and cranking up my stereo. He just bugs me.

He's smaller than me, prettier than me and looks better in the colour purple. Plus his voice makes me sound like John Wayne in comparison.


Cyndy said...

HA I thought Price didn't have a name?
Broncos fan this game is just a game to me now...with good commercials, I hope.

Baron Ectar said...


Have to say that I am really not a football guy at all but your right the game has seemed to be shoved back and limited to two men times two.

CSL said...

The Superbowl is on, but football leaves me cold, so I'm blog hopping instead. But, Prince - yeah, what's up with that? When he went through that silly sign thing, I used to call him the narcissist formerly known as Prince.

Dorky Dad said...

I'm a Vikings fan, but Tony Dungy is my favorite coach. Therefore, I root for the Colts. Therefore, I had a generally positive evening. (I'm not like celebrating or anything, but I'm happy ...)

Anonymous said...

Patriots fan here, too! Hubby and I talked about whether or not we were happy that the Colts won - do you want to be beaten by Super Bowl champs, or by the 2nd place team? Colts were good this year - I guess they deserved it, if our Patriots weren't able to win.

Beth said...

Prince? you don't like Prince? what's wrong with you man? I thought he was good, but that was scary, playing guitar in the rain like that.

Good Game! Lazer rocket arm!!!

thethinker said...

Thankfully, I rooted (and betted) on the Colts! I was a little worried at first, what with the touchdown right after the kickoff, but Peyton Manning pulled it together in the end.

Above Average Joe said...

Go Patriots!