Friday, May 28, 2010

Timing is everything

Some folks would swear that the beginning of the school year is the busiest time of the year. It is not.

Some folks believe the holiday season is the busiest. They are wrong.

The end of the school year is the most ludicrous time on the calendar.

As you know, we have three kids. Going to two different schools. That means two different schedules for finals, end-of-year projects, band concerts, staying late to prep for finals, and registering for a summer class (Son1 at his college). Then there is the scrambling to find summer jobs (Son1 who always waits too late!), trying to find time to open our camper and get ready for camping season (first day at the camper will be tomorrow), planning our summer vacation, planning for Son2's graduation, preparing for Son2 to attend college orientation and move into his dorm later this summer, etc, etc.

In addition, since I work at a school, that means a third calendar to follow! A different crush to get things done at the last minute. Different types of projects to wrap up for the year. Different graduation. Different final days for teachers.

It wears on you. Last night, my wife woke me up about 11PM. Why? Cause I had fallen asleep in the chair about 9PM and she just let me sleep till time for bed.

But just 15 more work days for me. YEA!

Of course, I'll be right back at work when summer school begins.


Cocotte said...

As crazy as it is for parents and students, it has to be ultra ridiculous for the teachers. We have a reprieve before next week's band booster pot luck, spring sports reception and graduation (my middle one is singing with women's choir at the ceremony).

secret agent woman said...

I agree that it's the busiest time. Seems like we had something to do every day the last couple of weeks But next year, I'll a=have two kids at the same school, so that should help.

Jazz said...

Welcome back!