Thursday, November 09, 2006

Report Card

It's been a long and busy week with all the election stuff going on. And while everyone in my house was excited about the overall outcome, that was not the biggest thrill of the week.

I've not mentioned this on here yet, but Son16 has multiple cognitive/learning/social disabilities. But with a lot of hard work and some great teachers, he is in the tenth grade and still attending all regular classes and doing the full load of work expected of a tenth grader. Oh sure, he has a wonderful resource teacher who he gets to see a 2-3 times each week. And he gets to type most things rather than write them. But overall, he is expected to do the work just like the other kids.

We're proud of his progress but we also hold our breath every day. And yesterday, when he brought home his report card, we made sure we were sitting down before opening it.

Then we opened it. And what to our wondering eyes should appear??? FOUR "A's"!! That's right...FOUR. Let's say that together, shall we?





That would be "4" for those who prefer their numbers as numbers. Or "IV" for the Romans in the crowd.

Oh yes, there were a couple of "B's" on the page. Even a "C" in algebra. But an "A" in science and language arts. "A" in Aviation (not flying, just designing). Even a "B+" in Latin!

Who would have thought report card day would be my best day of the week?!?!?


Jazz said...

I hated report card day, even knowing my report card was over average, just because, well, I dunno why. Expectations maybe. Kudos to Son16!

Jill said...

Congratulations to your son!

There's a high school class in aviation design? Boy, things have gotten a lot more focused since my high school years.

Em said...

Thanks to both of you. Some days just have to be celebrated. And yeah, things have changed a lot since I was in high school. Electric light bulbs. The printing press. Oh...okay. I'm not that old. Just feels like it some days. Aviation is actually a science class where they study physics but do it all around designing and building model planes.