Saturday, October 25, 2008

Observations from the road

One thing we saw a lot of this summer when we were driving around on vacation was other people driving around on vacation. And we couldn't pass that many vehicles on the road without starting to comment on favorites, least favorites and oddities. And along the way, we came to the conclusion that there are two popular colors for vehicles right now that we just could not understand.

The first color that confused us was rust. Oh I know, the car companies have carefully crafted names for their colors. And this is no doubt something like sunset orange or pumpkin metallic or some such thing. But really...the more we looked at it...we became convinced it was nothing more than shiny rust.

The thing that was difficult to understand was why someone would choose a car that looked like shiny rust. I mean, rust is generally something we do not want to see on our car bodies. So maybe this color is designed to hide the real rust when it starts to eat away at the car? Or maybe we are so easily swayed by product marketing that we'll buy most anything as long as it is shiny?

Ah, but shiny rust was not the most confusing color option on the road. It was lagging behind in second place on the list of Most Confusing Vehicle Color Choices. The #1 confusing color choice...yellow.

No, not pale yellow. Not pastel yellow. Not even bright yellow. We're talking about glow-in-the-dark-oh-my-god-it-hurts-my-eyes-yellow! And there were a lot of them out there!

One model where we saw a lot of of this color was on little Volkswagon bugs. A cute little car...which can pull off being in a cute little color. Somehow that just looked okay.

But then there were these.

Gigantic macho trucks in yellow. Lots of them. And always some big guy driving this screaming yellow truck. And we just could not figure out that choice. Was that the only color available when the guy went to buy a truck? Or perhaps, along with buying the largest truck he could find (compensating??) he also wanted a truck that could be seen from the International Space Station?

Maybe he just walked into the dealership and said he wanted a gigantic, gas guzzling truck with the comment...
I want the yella truck cause I look purty in yella.
I don't know what prompted it...but it was undoubtedly our choice for Most Confusing Vehicle Color Choice.

And to any of my readers who may, this very day, be driving a sunset pumpkin rust metallic car or a lemon yellow truck so bright it hurts to look at it, I still love ya. And I respect your right to drive the car of your choosing.

But please don't be offended if I never ask you to go shopping to help me pick out a nice sweater.


furiousBall said...

yellow trucks just scream bad tribal barbed wire tattoo around the bicep to me

VioletSky said...

I am sort of beginning to think that maybe the orangey-rust colour is a little bit seasonably okay looking. But only on a country dirt road with lots of orange and yellow and red leaves falling around it. Then, back it should go into hiding. The lemon yellow deserves being sideswiped due to driver blindness.

Damn, I had started a post about this very thing, but yours is so much better. Now must think of something else irrelevant yet totally topical to write about.

Anonymous said...

I don't unerstand cars in yellow, gold, orange or purple. Just wrong.

Dorky Dad said...

I think that drivers who paint their monster trucks yellow probably do it because they think, "Nobody will say anything, because I'm a tough monster-truck-drivin' guy." Yet what if that guy is a total pansy?

Kylie w Warszawie said...

When I lived in Ghana, there was a that horrible shade of yellow HUMMER on the streets. When you live in Ghana, where most people don't have electricity or running water and the only cars on the roads are either Land Rover SUVs or little taxis along with the people pulling carts and you buy a HURTS MY EYES yellow HUMMER, you're just trying to rub it in that you have money. It was really sad actually.

Jazz said...

I like the yellow, but on something small. It's got to be the most ridiculous colour ever on a big truck. Ever seen a bright yellow hummer? It's gag inducing.

Mike said...

I live in an area where there are a lot of expensive foreign cars and I am also amazed at the amount of yellow cars. I mean a Porsche in yellow? A Ferrari in yellow? Give me a break, does you car really need to stand out that much?

Jocelyn said...

I gotta cut down the middle on this one: the pumpkin color I love; the canary yellow should be called "hell-ow."

I know that makes no sense.

Rebecca said...

I point those color of cars out to my husband all the time. The yellow gives me a headache. The orange rust....that one makes me stomach hurt. I don't know why.
No idea why anybody would pick out a vehicle in such vile colors.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I feel the same way about the school bus yellow that is so popular on cars and trucks. I have even seen Ferraris and Spiders in that color, which kind of seems hardly worth it.

The VW bug, both the old models and the new ones that resemble Fisher-Price toys,look fine in any color, as do Mini-Coopers. But other cars do not.

All I can think of concerning the rust-colored ones is that they are going for practicality and intend to leave them outside in wet weather until they are ready to be displayed as lawn ornaments on cinder blocks.