Monday, May 19, 2008

Enough is enough

I don't mind a commercial that is creative, funny, and somehow entertaining. I know they don't come along very often, but when they do, I don't mind watching. I even enjoy them a second time...maybe a third time. But they grow old pretty quickly.

That is not the case with commercials that are bad, annoying, or poorly done. Late night TV is filled with the locally produced commercials with bad grammar, bad lighting, and really dumb appeals.

But not all annoying commercials are local. If you watched enough TV in the last few months, you've no doubt seen the commercial for the babybaby CD. You know the one...

Oh Amanda
Oh Amanda
My baby baby girl

A CD with 6 songs...customized with your baby's name. I've heard this annoying commercial approximately 92 million times. Or at least it seems that bad. The song is annoying. The repetitiveness of the commercial is annoying. Even when they change it up and sing to Emily, it is still annoying.

And if I understand correctly, if you lay down your money, you basically get the same song 6 times - 3 with various verses and 3 instrumental versions. Does anyone really need 6 versions of this same song??? Please, I think not.

If you've bought the CD for your kid, good for you. I've got no problem with the CD. Well, not too much. But I won't get into that here. But the has to stop!


Jazz said...

The really bizarre part is that if that commercial is on, people are actually buying that CD. Now that's a scary thought.

Thomas said...

I haven't seen it, of course if it doesn't play on the Discovery or History Channel these days I don't see it.


whimsical brainpan said...

That sounds really annoying. I'm glad I have not seen it. It amazes me what people will buy.

Dorky Dad said...

Man, people will buy anything. Sad, really.

Thank God I don't watch enough TV to have seen that commercial.

Anonymous said...

From your description, I'm glad I've missed it!

VioletSky said...

...has anybody but YOU seen this commercial?

It sounds annoying by your description and I'm glad not to have seen or heard it.

Anonymous said...

That is not something I would ever buy. Even on clearance. LOL

Big Brother said...

Since I hardly ever watch TV, I've missed it... thank deity. What won't people buy? That's probably why spam is still being sent, it seems that if you send 1 million messages about your cheap viagra, if 1% responds that 1000 people who buy your product. There's a sucker born every minute.

Mama P said...

My problem with it is that it seems a bit overboard. Kids are so self-centered as it is. Do they really need a CD with their name in it? Enough already!

Melody said...

Oh how I hate those cds. Recently in London, we visited Hamley's toy store and when we walked past this stand this guy asked what our daughters name was.


"How do you spell that?"

We spelt it out. ANd he typed it into a computer and out came these songs with Monet's name all in them. Thought the pronounciation was all wrong and sounded ridiculous! It was basically saying "Mon-ette", instead of Monet, as in Claude.

I wouldn't even consider buying one. Ridiculous.